About us

Who We Are?

We are not a typical marketing agency…actually we are not an agency at all. We are a firm of professional marketers that act as your marketing team. We are your CMO, Marketing Director, Marketing Manager, Digital Specialist, Social Media Specialist, PR Specialist, Web Developer, etc. that sit on your side of the table to help you with the marketing strategy, planning and execution.

You have all of the teams’ brainpower and resources working for you at all times. We are always proactively looking for opportunities, whether the opportunity is for business development, business exposure, digital improvement, public relations, etc. We have you covered.

“My ‘why’ is to seek and share knowledge. My strength is to take the experiences I have to better my community first and then make business happen. My community is other entrepreneurs and marketers that just want to do a good job and get things done. It doesn’t have to be any more complicated then that. Taking over the world is third…after second breakfast.”

– Reb L. Risty

what we do


RebL’s team consists of some of the most savvy and fun professionals in the marketing and communications world. These professionals build the ultimate marketing team for your business, executing on the day to day activities to be effective and achieve your goals.


Marketing strategy starts with the company plan and ends with an action plan. RebL will take a deep dive into the analytics, audit the current strategies and tactics, and interview the key players. After all the data is collected we identify the objectives, focus on priorities, develop a budget and create an action plan.


The RebL Team brings years of experience to lead your marketing efforts with confidence and style. Our CMOs and Marketing Directors have an incredible ability to see a situation and understand what is needed to develop the right strategy and plan. They also know how to manage people and work with you as a real team, not just another vendor.

Why Outsource Your Marketing?

  • Solve critical marketing/public relations/ digital/creative problems today
  • Want Fortune 500 experienced professionals at a fraction of Fortune 500 costs
  • Need a marketing department now
  • Need dedicated personnel to hit the ground running
  • Can’t find all levels of expertise needed with one person
  • Industry expertise and experience quickly
  • Budget can’t support full-time employees
  • Need someone on your side of the table when vetting Marketing services and providers

Why The RebL Team?

  • CMOs – Leadership, ideas, marketing strategy, planning, budgeting, brand management, creative cultivation
  • Marketing Directors – Team management, contract negotiation, collaboration, time management, budget management
  • Marketing Managers – Project management, vendor liaison, team leader, execution
  • Marketing Coordinators – Day to day activities and execution, coordination
  • Specialists – experienced providers and specialists that we’ve vetted, worked with and we know do good work from graphics, digital services, SEO, websites, content, social media, anything to meet your marketing needs.