Building Your Personal Brand: Develop Your Marketing/Advertising campaign

With any marketing campaign you need to create an outline.

1. Start with your research: Read, learn and participate in everything you can.

  • Learn about your industry by signing up for industry publications and newsletters.
  • You can set up Google Reader which will aggregate all different kinds of online sources and topics for you in one nice to read location.

2. Create your marketing materials

  • Business cards
    Social media – LinkedIn, facebook, twitter
  • If you are a marketer, you should create your own logo and tagline to be used on everything you put out there.

3. Packaging

  • Think of your name as your logo
  • Your cloths, how you wear your hair, if you wear makeup or not as your brand look and feel.
  • It may not be fair, but you are always judge on your apperance, so always make a good impression.  Dress for where you want to go, not just where you are at today.  Here’s a hint, if you dream of being at the C-Suite, then follow their lead and dress like them.  It will be noticed and appreciated.

Once you get all your marketing materials together its time to start the campaign.  Read Building your Personal Brand: Market, Promote and Tell Your Story