Happy New Year, Happy Blogging for Small Businesses

Happy 2012 everyone. This is going to be the year RebL Marketing, new small business, is going to Help you learn how to blog for small business. The one thing I learned in 2011, is blogging really is not that hard. You just have to follow a couple of simple rules.

1. Stick to What You Know.You don’t have to be a writer to share your knowledge. If you don’t consider yourself a great writer find some that can help you edit. There a quite a few writing services out there. Test them out and pick the best one for your style and business. You have to give the writer direction and be a knowledge base for them.
2. Make time. Schedule one hour a week to write. This time should also include reading and commenting on other blogs. Once you can easily handle one hour a week, add another.
3. Ask Your Team to Provide Their Brain Power. Remember you aren’t the only expert on the team and marketing doesn’t have to do all the blogging. You will be amazed at the knowledge your team contains. They want to share it too. They just need a little encouragement. Just as you have to do with yourself give them topics, deadlines, and support.
4. Most Important…Just do it. Don’t think about it too much. The more you write the better and easier it will get.

This are simple rules to follow for a Happy New Year of Blogging for Your Small

More to come!

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