Project Management Outsourcing

Whether you have a short-term project and looking for skilled project managers, or whether you have a long-term project requiring a full needs assessment, project scoping, PMO integration etc.; we have the right resources for your specific project-based endeavors. We focus on the scope, budget and timely delivery of the projects ensuring optimum satisfaction to your clients.

What we do?

We manage projects for you to meet your long-term goals and success of your business. Our Project Managers bring a fresh perspective with years of expertise behind them. RebL experts work side-by-side with your team at every stage of the project i.e., from pre-planning to completion. Your success is our success!

RebL Project Manager Role:

  • Lead the project from analysis to the release of product.
  • Create and maintain project documentation.
  • Plan and define the scope of project.
  • Analyze the project requirements and resources.
  • Schedule resources for project implementation and assign individual responsibilities within the team.
  • Effectively predict, prevent and/or solve project issues.

How we do?

Our project management outsourcing services will save you a lot of time. Our project managers are well trained in diverse management techniques and processes. Moreover, they understand every technical detail well enough for the success of your project.

Here’s how we do it:

  • Developing a Schedule (timeline) – It’s really important to analyze time estimation needed to complete a project, keep the project on track and within budget.
  • Software Development Lifecycle Planning – Our managers will provide a detailed development strategy at the initial stage of the project. This strategy will help you track the work progress and make amendments, if needed.
  • Remote Project Management – Our project managers are trained to manage projects remotely from anywhere in the world. We use a well secured project management system that prepares daily and/or weekly reports for you to keep an eye on the progress.

Ready to Get Started?

Ready to start a project or want to learn more about our process and how we work with clients? Let’s get it scheduled. Please fill out our project inquiry form in as much detail as possible and we’ll reach out to get the conversation started.

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