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OCG Buys Houses Website Case Study


SITUATION: OCG came to REBL Marketing to explore the idea of developing a new website that would focus on its Home Buying Services.  This service focused on clients that are looking to sell their homes quickly and are often in distressed situations. OCG had seen the success of a competitor selling services with a website that was separate from the corporate site and other core services. They wanted to launch the site within 30 days of project kick-off.

SOLUTION: Since the messaging and branding needed to be focused on the type of customer they were seeking, they agreed with REBL Marketing to create REBL did the due diligence needed to create an effective website that would attract their target customers as well as share the needed information those customers needed to make quick and good decisions about selling their homes.  The site needed to be optimized for geographical SEO in the area that OCG served.

RESULTS: REBL was able to follow a proven template and not reinvent the wheel with designing the website.  The REBL team developed a site with all the foundational SEO built in to the site The OCG team would be running Google Adwords as soon as the site was launched, so the REBL team coordinated keyword research to ensure that the pages would rank with the AdWords campaigns.


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