10 Ways Newer Entrepreneurs Can Expand Their Network

As a new entrepreneur, it’s important to have a vast and diverse network of professional connections. Knowing and building relationships with the right people can open a lot of doors for your budding business, as well as give you the opportunity to get in touch with mentors in your field.

The first step to growing your circle of business connections is to understand where to look. To help get you started, we asked a panel of Young Entrepreneur Council members what newer entrepreneurs can do this year to expand their networks.

9. Build A Board Of Advisors

A board of advisors can help you fill your team’s gaps in knowledge and experience. You can leverage your board’s areas of expertise so you can avoid mistakes and scale faster. One of the big benefits of a board of advisors is their network and who they can connect you with. These connections can be invaluable and will help you grow your business.

– Reb RistyREBL Marketing