REBL YPO (Young Presidents’ Organization) Video Case Study


The incoming YPO Coastal Learning Chair and President wanted to put together an inspiring video to announce the schedule of events for the new year. She wanted to create something that would be impactful and encourage members to attend each event.


We helped write a script that would get members excited about attending the events planned for the new year. The incoming Learning Chair and President filmed inspiring messages to the group members. Along with the messages, we coordinated with key speakers to provide a special message about their events to be used as voiceovers on images and videos of the special event. The REBL team used a combination of inspiring music, images, video clips, word overlays, and voiceover to create an exciting and motivating video.


The video was played at the YPO Town Hall meeting. Members’ feedback was immediate with excitement and audience cheers for the new year events. The New Learning Chair and President were very happy with the results of the video and will continue to use the video throughout the year to remind members of the events and encourage them to register to attend.