EO (Entrepreneurs Organization) Case Study #1

REBL Helps EO (Entrepreneurs Organization) Member Shine on Camera


EO San Diego was challenged with keeping members informed of all the National and Local benefits members have access to through EO (Entrepreneurs Organization). They wanted to create an EO Benefits video series that would feature actual EO members. Raj was selected to be featured in one of the videos and was very nervous about speaking on camera.


REBL first wrote a simple and concise video script using Raj’s story of how he’s benefited from EO both personally and professionally. After the scripts were approved, REBL held several one-on-one practice sessions with Raj to help him personalize his talking points and get comfortable on camera. We also recorded these sessions so Raj could watch himself and share them with the rest of the team for additional feedback.


Raj arrived on the day of filming, and he nailed it! He only had to film his lines twice and was so confident on camera it shows in the end result. The team was able to create a compelling and educational video for other members to watch. Raj and the REBL team were also able to show that with the right amount of practice and coaching, you can shine on camera.