5 Benefits of a Fractional CMO for Small Businesses

There’s this professional service category called the Fractional C-suite. And if you haven’t heard about it, you really should know about it. It’s something that small and medium-sized businesses are using today to grow and scale their companies against their competition.

What Can a Fraction CMO Do For Your Business?

Now, as a Fractional Chief Marketing Officers (CMO) for small businesses, I’m going to focus on what a Fractional CMO can do for your business to grow. And there’s five areas that I’d like to point out that are a benefit for bringing on senior leadership in the marketing area for your business.

The First Benefit of a Fractional CMO is Knowledge

The first key benefit of hiring a Fractional CMO is knowledge. You’ll immediately get knowledge on your team – a breadth of knowledge from a Fractional CMO that you might not otherwise have. Knowledge that fills the gaps on your team and provides your team with direction. And especially if you’re trying to make the leap and grow, you’re going to need a more sophisticated and strategic marketing plan to do so. This person can step in and do that for you and thereby put a plan in place that’s going to help your business scale and grow.

The Second Benefit is Experience

The second benefit of having a fractional CMO on your team is experience. This benefit builds off of the first point of knowledge. Having an experienced CMO on your team can power up your company by 20+ years. And that will definitely be something you can leverage to continue to build that strategy and put things into place for your marketing team overall.

The Third Benefit is Optimizing Your Budget

The third benefit, which probably will be the most interesting for most business owners, is that a Fractional CMO can help to optimize your budget. What I mean by this, is you don’t have to invest in hiring a full-time person, which comes with all the added cost of health benefits and also a more involved employment commitment. If this person doesn’t work out, it may take some time to replace them. So having a Fractional CMO join your team can provide you with the experience and knowledge you need at a fraction of the cost.

This also allows you to optimize your budget because now you can allocate money for things like other specialists that you may need on the marketing team or tools and technology that you may need.

The Fourth Benefit is Avoiding Random Acts of Marketing

Our fourth point to hiring a fractional CMO is my favorite. And it’s all about avoiding random acts of marketing. This is probably your biggest challenge if you don’t have someone leading your marketing team and it’s basically something we all fall into as you just start doing different marketing tactics with no real strategy in place. By having a fractional CMO to help you, you can stop doing that and make better use of your budget and get your team into a process that will make you a lot happier with your marketing results.

The Fifth is Better Communication

Last but not least, you will have better communications with your team. Having a leader on your marketing team, like a Fractional CMO, is not only going to improve your communications externally to your customers and potential customers, but they’re also going to be a cheerleader for your brand and your messaging internally within the company. And good communications is really what’s going to bring your whole marketing program and team together so you’ll be able to better message and function.

A Fractional CMO adds a lot of value to your organization by bringing knowledge, experience, helping you budget, avoiding random acts of marketing, being your cheerleader, and being your communicator within your company.

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