7 Reasons You Need to Start Investing in Video Marketing

1) Better SERP (Search Engine Results Page)

Video is not a trend, it is the future. Not only does video make you feel closer to the action, but it also cuts through all the clutter on the internet and keeps your viewers hooked. Maybe that’s why Google favors it so much.

Your SERP position, short for Search Engine Results Page, dictates how many clicks your website will receive as well as the amount of traffic it will enjoy. The higher your site’s rank, the more activity it will receive.

A website’s search engine rank mainly depends on three factors: quality of content, quality of page design, and the amount of traffic it is able to retain. About 78% of respondents reported experiencing an increase in their site traffic with the help of videos.

2) Higher information retention rate

Visual memory is stronger than all other types of memories. We remember what we see more clearly as opposed to what we read. That’s why video marketing works better than any other form of content marketing. And a 2013 survey by Insiva confirmed this by concluding that viewers can retain 95% of the information seen in a video format.

But that was 8 years ago; does the claim still hold up? Well, in 2021, the figure may have fallen to 65%, perhaps due to the screen fatigue caused by the pandemic, but it still remains higher than any other format, proving that videos are more effective.

3) Preferred by mobile users

Thanks to the advancements in technology and need for privacy, people have gone from home theatres to mini-screens on their mobile phones. 69% of all videos are consumed on mobile phones, followed by television sets. If you do it properly, video marketing can help you reach these smartphones with incredible speed.

Since more than 50% of the Google searches are done from mobile devices, investing in videos can be a great way to grab the attention of this audience segment and grow your business.

4) More virality potential due to higher shareability

When was the last time you heard that a blog post had gone viral?

Our ability to read has been greatly suffering for quite some time now and there is a reason why Stephen Fry’s Turn On The Subtitles campaign is such a riot among its target audience.

But you best believe that videos are never going to have that problem because they are much more visually stimulating and a “lazy man’s guide to enlightenment.” They require zero effort to understand and remember.

So, it is no surprise that more than 80% of users who watch videos share them. And that’s on Instagram alone. There are many other platforms where videos are shared every day, making them an excellent opportunity to reach more people.

5) Perfect for explaining and demonstrating product or service features

When your potential customer is scrolling through dozens of posts on the internet and sees a boring, static image next to a bland, generic text blurb, do you think they are going to want to read more? Probably not.

But imagine if they saw a 3-minute video with an engaging, informative narrative. Chances are, they would watch the whole thing. This is because people prefer watching a product or service explainer video over reading a blog. Videos make it effortless to understand the instructions and require no imagination whatsoever.

6) Better engagement rate

Videos allow companies to reach consumers who are otherwise immune to advertising. They offer the best ROI in the market, which is why nearly every marketer prefers adding them to their campaigns. Video posts receive 150 comments on Instagram on average while other formats receive less than half of that. This content format is also 1200% more successful than others.

7) Improved conversions

Videos make your site more interactive, which increases your credibility perhaps because people view it as more tangible than other forms of content. People also realize that videos it takes more effort to create videos, so they instantly trust a company that religiously puts out videos. No wonder video campaigns enjoy 34% conversions, making them a brilliant sales tool.

At REBL, we know video works.  We’ve seen how powerful of a content tool it can be for our clients and ourselves.  If you are interested in learning more about how to integrate video into your marketing program reach out at info@reblmarketing.com or 858.848.7325.