9 Reasons to Outsource Marketing in 2019

by Reb Risty, Head REBL

Marketing is one of the most critical elements of your company. Without quality marketing material, potential customers can’t find you. Not only that, customers often require multiple points of contact before they’re willing to choose your company, which means that they may not be content with one or two advertisements. Are you still struggling to handle your marketing in-house? Are you starting to feel as though other companies are just doing it better and that, as a result, your company is struggling within your industry? Consider these key reasons to outsource your marketing in 2019. 

1. You’ll Save Money with an Outsourced Marketing Team

If you have an in-house marketing team, you have to pay their salaries and their benefits. When they take sick days, you still have to pay the same rate. You have to pay for their materials, an increase in office space so that there’s enough room for them, and for any hardware and software they need to accomplish their tasks. Those costs add up fast!

When you outsource, on the other hand, you’ll get access to a qualified team of marketing professionals who are dedicated to your company at a much lower cost. You can use that saved money on other costs of business or buy more marketing than you could before, which means you’re likely to see an increased return on your investment. 

2. You’ll Get More Experienced Marketing Professionals

You might be attempting to handle your marketing yourself or you’ve considered keeping an in-house team. When you outsource your marketing, you’ll get a larger pool of experienced marketing professionals who have more experience in a wide range of industries. Outsourcing your marketing means you get access to a company that is focused solely on marketing. The marketing company knows the latest changes to Google’s algorithm and how to make the most of every social media ad. They pay attention to how each industry takes in content and what types of content are most likely to go viral. When you choose to hire that company, you get access to all of that experience without having to hire your own oversized team of marketing professionals. 

3. Outsourced Marketing is Easy to Scale

Maybe your company has recently experienced more success than you expected, so you need to increase your marketing efforts—or, conversely, maybe you’re struggling through a tough period, and you need to cut your marketing budget. When you work with an outsourced marketing company, it’s easier to scale your marketing efforts. Just call in and change your plans, and you can shift your marketing budget according to the needs of your entire business. 

4. Your Marketing Will Become More Consistent

When you don’t have an experienced marketing leader on your team, your branding and messaging can be confusing. They may lack consistency simply because you don’t have someone dedicated to managing your branding and messaging–and that can lead to confused customers. When you outsource your marketing, on the other hand, you have a group dedicated to maintaining consistency across your brand. 

5. You Can Focus on Other Tasks

Small business owners are forced to take on many specialty tasks without any guidance. They may struggle to balance all of the responsibilities on their plate; including marketing, finance, and the details of running the business. When you outsource your marketing, on the other hand, you can focus on the other important elements of your business. Your time is too valuable, and you will probably  find that outsourcing your marketing frees you to pay more attention to things that only you can do. 

6. Your Outsourced Marketing Company Has a Focus on High Quality

When you outsource your marketing, you don’t just get a team of expert marketers. You get a highly motivated team that is dedicated to offering you, the customer, the results you’re looking for in your marketing. Each outsourced marketing company knows that if they don’t deliver on the results you want, they can be replaced. As a result, they’ll often deliver a higher quality than an in-house team. Not only that, your outsourced marketing agency has access to the latest technology and tools, and it will use them on your behalf without increasing your marketing budget. 

7. You’ll Get Fresh Perspective on Your Issues

Have you been struggling to take care of everyday marketing in-house? Whether you’re struggling to handle your social media or fighting to increase your search ranking, you may need a fresh set of eyes to take a look at your marketing. Not only can a fresh set of eyes help identify problems from a new perspective, your outsourced agency will be able to provide an unbiased look at potential complications. As a result, you will often be able to overcome potential challenges more efficiently. 

8. Outsourcing May Bring Your Departments Together

Interdepartmental communication is one of the biggest challenges for small and medium-sized businesses. You may struggle to bring team members together outside their specific departments. When you choose to outsource your marketing, however, those departments will come together to collaborate. This can improve communication, make it easier fir your departments to understand one another, and help you get all the members of your team together on the same page. 

9. You’ll Get Started Faster

Do you have a new marketing plan to implement? Are you attempting to grow your business? When you choose to outsource your marketing, you’ll get to work with a dedicated team that already has the experience and training they need. While they’ll need unique input from you, they’ll be able to quickly get started on your latest marketing campaign: no onboarding, no training, and no need to carefully vet new members of the team. All of those tasks will be taken care of for you by the outsourced marketing agency–and that means you’ll get faster results from your latest marketing campaign. 

If you’re ready to get a better return on your marketing investment, contact us. Our dedicated team of marketing professionals is ready to bring our extensive experience to the table as we help you with marketing your business.