Good Stewart Business Consultant Case Study

Jessica told herself three years ago, when she started her journey as a business consultant, that she wanted to film professional videos that help her audience understand what she does and how she is different from the competition.

As a business consultant, she wanted to stand out from the crowd. REBL started working on the company messaging and gave her a new title, Healthcare Fractional COO. Updating her title alone helped elevate her brand for her customers and partners.

Jessica Stewart, a business consultant from Good Stewart LLC, together with Reb Risty
REBL’s own Reb Risty together with Jessica Stewart of Good Stewart LLC

After we updated her messaging, we were able to write the video scripts speaking directly to her audience’s pain points as well as explaining why small- to medium-sized practices need a Fractional COO.

The final videos are going to amplify her brand, make her message sticky and she will stand out from the competition.  Watch the client story video here.

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