Going To A Networking Event? Here’s How To Keep Track Of Business Cards And Connections

Forbes YEC Council – Head REBL, Reb Risty gives her advice on how to track business cards during a networking event.

3. Implement A Corner Folding Code

When I’m at an event, I like to fold the card in a certain way. I fold the top right corner if they are a potential client, top left corner for potential referral, bottom left corner if they could be a resource partner, and bottom right if I can help or give them a referral. I bring a cardholder that has two sides—one side for my cards and one side for cards I receive. The next day or as soon as I can, I make any notes that are needed and let my associate add them to our database. Then, I send follow-up emails or handwritten cards. – Reb RistyREBL Marketing