How to Attract Top Talent with Video

The number one problem growing businesses have today is recruiting top talent. Why is this? The market is extremely competitive and talented professionals have a lot of choices and opportunities. Granted we’re in a unique situation coming out of the pandemic and many businesses are opening up again and that means large numbers of job positions are now available.

Video can help you recruit employees

If a company wants to stand out and attract top talent they have to be able to show their company culture and highlight it in a way that is attractive and engaging for professionals they are looking to hire. What’s the number one thing we recommend to our clients, Michele?

Film a team video

When we speak with our clients who are struggling to get qualified applicants through their door the number one thing that we recommend is do a team video.

  • They need to show off their culture through their team’s perspective.
  • Make the position more than just about the skillset but about joining a group of happy employees and becoming part of something that’s really going to grow their career and their job satisfaction.

That’s right, it really is about your team speaking to their potential teammates. What makes your company different, better and more attractive than your competition. Your story, told through your employees.

Team videos can help you recruit top talent

It’s great when a client wants to take the extra step and highlight their team through video. It makes a difference because people want to work with people they like above everything else.

If you would like to learn more about how your company can attract top talent, give REBL a call at 858.848.7325 and we’ll REBLutionize your recruiting efforts with video.