How To Provide Valuable Video Content For Your Target Audience

Video content is in demand now more than ever. Social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram are continuously improving their video features to meet both business and consumer needs. In fact, according to recent HubSpot research, 45% of consumers watch an hour or more of video content per week on YouTube and Facebook.

Because of its accessibility and how engaging it is, the demand for video will continue to be a top priority for both businesses and consumers. A Cisco study forecasts that 82% of all internet traffic will be video by 2022.

Here’s how to start providing valuable video content for your target audience.

What types of video content can businesses explore?

One of the best aspects of video content is that there are various types that all serve different purposes. Businesses can experiment to see which types of content they would like to incorporate into their marketing strategy. Here are four types of video content.

1. Testimonials

Many businesses choose to create testimonial videos because they’re an excellent way to establish credibility and influence purchase behavior. Trust is the most important thing that businesses can establish with potential customers. Good testimonials convey that you are trustworthy and can deliver. Asking loyal customers to partake in an authentic testimonial video to share their experience with your business will give other consumers needed insight to purchase.

— Reb RistyREBL Marketing