Key Benefits of Hiring a FRACTIONAL MARKETING TEAM to Help Your Company Quickly Scale Its Marketing Activities

There are a variety of key benefits of hiring a FRACTIONAL MARKETING TEAM. One of them is…

You get A TEAM OF EXPERTS who can help you devise a solid marketing strategy at an affordable price.

For example, we were engaged by a client to help them with their branding, messaging, website, and marketing strategy and plan. During the time we were working on the foundational work an opportunity to attend an industry conference came up and the REBL Team was able to QUICKLY switch gears and get the entire team focused and aligned to prepare the strategy and all the deliverables needed for this upcoming event.

Another key benefit is that…

You have IMMEDIATE ACCESS to a team of marketing professionals who possess a diverse background in marketing, technical, and project management skills.

Our team of fractional marketing professionals was able to effectively devise an integrated plan to help our client organize and manage all the details involved in getting them ready for this big trade show. This included new logos, new messaging, new website design and layout, new trade show booth materials, a press release, social media content and calendar, and even a video where the CEO talked about the benefits of their services and solutions.

They could do this because…

Our experienced FRACTIONAL MARKETING TEAM has the knowledge and skillsets to effectively project manage a variety of deliverables.

It takes a team of experienced professionals to pull together all the elements needed to deploy an integrated marketing program like a trade show event.

If you need help preparing for a trade show give us a call at 858.848.7325. This is not our first rodeo, we can quickly step in and help. We’d love to REBLutionize your marketing today.