Podcast with Centri City

If a small business owner wants to grow their business, they have to rethink how they’re going to approach marketing and get out of the marketing lane, emphasizes Reb Risty, founder and CEO of REBL Marketing.

Marketing is getting more complex and it’s hard to know every single platform and type of marketing and tool and strategy. Being able to bring in knowledge and talent on a fractional basis to fill those gaps for you is essential to having a successful marketing function. The range of expertise that you’ll need to market your business successfully is too broad and dynamic for a small business to have an internal team of full-time staff do it well. The W2 full-time employment model is not agile and nimble enough to work for a small business.

Risty recommends that small businesses bring in a fractional CMO to take point and manage the appropriate specialists on a contract and project basis. Flexible working relationships are what the talent wants and the business can afford.

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