PR Works Best as Part of an Integrated Marketing Program

Reb Risty: How else does PR work with marketing? You know, how does PR really as a part of an integrated program, help a client?

Michelle Stansbury: Yeah, PR’s a lot of fun but it’s really the most powerful when it is integrated into the other marketing elements. So, I mentioned social and newsletter. One of the most powerful things about PR is not just putting it out to everyone who is reading the newspaper on that day or watching the TV on that day or were tuned into the Forbes column but it’s really about sharing that with your network in hopes that they might bring you might stay top of mind and get a referral out of that, or stay top of mind with your audience and have them realize that you’re doing really cool things and that you know what you’re talking about. That’s some of the advantages. It also plays really well with SEO and people don’t often think of PR and SEO going hand-in-hand but it can be really powerful because one really good backlink in a PR article can have so much SEO juice because they’re coming from these very high credibility publications. So I’d like to work really hand-in-hand with the SEO team and on the flip side SEO so data-driven that by working again hand-in-hand with the SEO team I can learn a lot from their data-driven approach – what topics are trending, what are people searching for, what’s happening digitally that I can learn from to make my pitches more timely?

Reb Risty: I think that’s great and that’s one of the things that I’ve even learned you know, working with you is about how to look at the back end of just the articles that we’re writing and really understand what the key terms are that makes sense for the client. But also I think you’ve done such an amazing job with pitching out to the industry, their industry, and publications, getting them not only in the local industry but at national level coverage which makes them happy and feels good. We’ve seen you know, gotten clients tell us that they drive business that way too. It really helps them elevate their brand at a different level and the thought leadership piece comes into play. So it’s been amazing.

Reb Risty: Thanks, Michelle, and if you’re looking to integrate PR into your marketing program or just want to know more about how you can leverage PR, and if it is the right fit for you and your company at this time, give us a call and you can talk to Michelle or me and REBLutionize your marketing through PR.