REBL Marketing Turnkey Video Marketing

92% of marketers said video will be part of their marketing strategy this year, with 51% agreeing that companies will make more videos because they’re easier than ever to create.

Nearly half say that competition will be tougher because the pandemic made video a necessary investment.

Of course, while oversaturation is a challenge, it isn’t an insurmountable one. It simply raises the bar in terms of content quality. Your videos will need to be well-planned, and very well-executed.

REBL turnkey video process

This is why REBL has created a turn-key video content program for our clients that is inexpensive and packed with value. Reb what is the first step in our video editing process?

First, we help the client identify the topics they should be speaking about. These are usually a mix of educational, timely, and evergreen topics.

Second, we provide a script outline and coaching to help our clients film videos on their phones or via zoom.

REBL video editing process makes it easy for clients

Third, they hand off the video to us and we start our editing process.

The results included:

  • A branded intro and outro with music selected for them.
  • We layer in word overlays and Broll and images as needed to make the content more engaging.
  • We transcribe the videos and write SEO optimized blog articles for the client’s website
  • We distribute the videos, via YouTube, social, and email.

REBL provides value and ROI with its video program

I’m happy to say that we have developed a solid video editing program that provides a lot of ROI and most of all makes it easy for the client to create engaging and fun content.

To REBLutionize your videos, give us a call at 858.848.7325…we know what we are doing.