REBLutionize Podcast Recap – Episode 1 with Mike Ruman

In today’s digital age, small businesses face numerous challenges when it comes to driving leads and growing their businesses. However, with the right strategies and tools, entrepreneurs can position themselves for success.

Mike RumanIn this episode recap, we’ll explore the insights shared by Mike Ruman (photo left) during our REBLutionize Your Marketing, Business, Life podcast. Mike is an accomplished entrepreneur and marketing guru, and he discusses the keys to his success and offers valuable advice for small business owners. He and Reb Risty, The Marketing REBL of REBL Marketing, discuss what local SEO means for small businesses, what is helpful in AI for businesses to utilize, and what should business owners and entrepreneurs pay attention to in the next few months.

One of Mike’s superpowers is his ability to drive traffic to websites, a crucial aspect of generating leads and growing businesses. His focus on local SEO has proven to be particularly effective for small businesses. Local SEO involves optimizing online presence to target customers in a specific geographical area. By leveraging checklists and tools like, businesses can identify the questions their potential customers are asking and provide valuable answers through their content.

While artificial intelligence (AI) has become increasingly prevalent, Mike emphasizes the importance of humanizing content to establish a genuine connection with the audience. AI tools like chat GPT can aid in generating content, but it’s crucial to infuse it with the brand’s voice and personality. Copy-pasting AI-generated text should be avoided, as it lacks the authenticity that resonates with customers. Instead, businesses should use AI tools as a starting point and then craft the content in their own words.

Beyond content generation, AI offers various opportunities for businesses. Mike highlights the three Rs of AI: research, role-playing, and relationships. AI tools can assist in conducting research, enabling businesses to gather valuable insights and stay ahead of the competition. Role-playing with AI allows businesses to simulate conversations with customers, helping them understand their needs better. Additionally, AI can facilitate relationship-building by personalizing interactions and tailoring recommendations based on individual preferences.

Mike’s passion for checklists is evident in his approach to business. He encourages small business owners to utilize checklists for various aspects of their operations, from setting up an online presence to optimizing websites for search engines. By following a checklist-based approach, businesses can streamline their processes, ensure consistency, and improve efficiency. Mike even offers free checklists on his website, empowering entrepreneurs to implement best practices and achieve their goals.

While many small business owners prefer a hands-on approach, Mike recognizes that some may require assistance in implementing SEO strategies effectively. For those seeking professional guidance, partnering with an agency like Mike’s can provide the expertise needed to achieve optimal results. By working closely with experienced professionals, businesses can gain insights, receive personalized advice, and accelerate their growth.

Mike Ruman’s success as an entrepreneur and marketing guru is a testament to the power of local SEO and leveraging AI effectively. Small businesses can learn valuable lessons from his experiences and implement his strategies to enhance their online presence, generate leads, and drive success. By focusing on humanizing content, harnessing the power of AI, utilizing checklists, and seeking expert guidance when needed, entrepreneurs can position themselves for long-term growth in today’s competitive digital landscape.

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