Setting Your Junior Marketer up for Success

A common theme for many business owners or CEOs today is their challenge with managing their junior marketing person or their only internal marketing person. This is usually a small to medium-sized business problem, where they have one marketing person or even an admin that’s doing marketing for them, and this person is struggling. The owner or CEO is pulling their hair out because they don’t feel like they’re getting the results they want. They feel like they’re spending a lot of time with this person giving them direction, but is it the right direction for marketing. I get it, we’ve all been there as a small business.

The challenge of working with a single junior marketing person in your small to medium-sized business

One of the biggest challenges is that when you hire somebody for an entry marketing position, they may have an education and they may have the book smarts for marketing, but they just lack the practical experience. They haven’t done a lot of real-life marketing. And more importantly, they aren’t experienced at putting a strategy together. And you can’t do random acts of marketing and expect any coordinated results. That’s not effective. Random acts of marketing are not good for your budget and it won’t align with your business goals and objectives. What you really need is to have somebody who can come in and put a strategy and a plan together for you so that you know what marketing you are doing and why you’re doing it.

How to Avoid Random Acts of Marketing

One of the challenges that CEOs or business owners have is trying to get away from random acts of marketing because they are not effective. A great way to avoid this is to bring on a Fractional senior marketing person, like a Fractional Chief Marketing Officer (CMO). Sometimes it’s more affordable to do that than to hire a full-time senior marketing person. What this does is that it brings a senior marketing person into your organization who can not only help you put together a strategy and a plan, but also show your junior marketing person how to put together a strategy and plan and why you’re doing things a certain way. And then, at the same time, they can help train that junior marketing person so that they can help get their skill sets to the next level.

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